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Body Detoxication

Every second, the human body has to carry out the detoxication of a multitude of substances. These include, first of all, corresponding metabolites and consumed substances - such as hormones, bilirubin, etc. They also include the substances associated with incorrect or excessive food consumption (for example, oxalic and uric acids) and narcotics (cigarette nicotine and alcohol). In conditions of digestive disorder and in the presence of fermentation processes, fusel alcohol should be regarded as a highly toxic substance. Other toxic agents include, but are not limited to, heavy metals escaping from amalgam (mercury) and gold dental filling (palladium). Environmental toxic substances (e.g., pesticides, preservatives, colorants, wood protecting agents) should be regarded as an additional toxic burden. This list of toxic substances clearly demonstrates the urgent need in the measures aimed at body detoxication.

Already Paracelsus emphasized the significance of body detoxication. According to him, the body should be healed by clearing it from toxins, which he considered as sources of diseases. Caffeine, nicotine, sugar, alcohol and pharmaceutical products have become inherent elements of human everyday life, so people realize the fact of strong pollution of their bodies only after the development of a serious disease. Initial symptoms of intoxication are left unnoticed by most people. The complaints gradually increase, and the need in seeking medical aid appears. In many cases, the cause of the complaints remains undisclosed, and the treatment is limited to eliminating the existing symptoms. Toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances can be distributed throughout the body, thus involving its tissues, organs and even the central nervous system. The list of the complaints resulting from deposition of heavy metals is quite long; it includes allergy, chronic fatigue, depression, pain in joints, headache, etc.

The food additive Repejin of Vivifying Dolgalet Series, containing stick button (Arctium L.) extract increases the natural detoxication of the body through intestine, liver, kidneys and skin. Stick button is used in traditional folk medicine as a diuretic and blood-purifying agent. It is used for detoxication in patients with infectious diseases and toxicosis. Especially effective heavy metal washout is ensured by stick button root, which is used for medical purposes since ancient times. Its use is also recommended for treatment of joint rheumatism, stomach pain, hair shedding, dandruff or acne.

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