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"Correct" Nutrition

Nutrition is the main source of vitally needed energy in humans. Nature has created a unique digestive system in order to divide the nutrition process into its components. As a result of food processing in the digestive tract, the body obtains fats and sugars as the most important sources of energy; proteins, mineral substances and vitamins as the substances playing an important role in body construction; and auxiliary substances needed for supporting the body’s homeostasis. Then, these substances can be included in metabolic processes or delivered to those organs, in which they are used or stored. Thus, these components are used, speaking figuratively, to "feed" cells.

There is a surfeit of notions of, and recommendations for, apparently correct nutrition expressed by eminent nutrition experts. Sometimes, these notions and recommendations are totally contradicting. In view of the fact that each human being has unique biochemical and physiological characteristics, it would be an error to consider any one type of nutrition as correct. Therefore, there is no universal form of nutrition ideal for everybody. Those who want to improve their health, remove excessive weight and suppress chronic diseases should adjust their nutrition to their individual demands. The same holds true for food additives.

Besides that, nutrition is only a part of the whole range of factors influencing on our health. This becomes especially obvious when one examines the food generally used by today’s children. It is difficult to understand the real sources of nutrients and vitamins used at the stage of growth and development, with the not-so-good and quite dreary diets that the fast food systems provide to children and adolescents. Nevertheless, the majority of children grows up healthy and show normal development. For all that, nutrition plays an important role in the living body. Even if the negative consequences of poor nutrition become obvious only at some later stage, the body is forced to permanently exert its regulation systems, which leads to inevitable changes in health status and disorders in the operation of other systems of the body.

Also, a very important role is played by factors ensuring the faultless intestinal digestion of food products. When intestinal walls are loaded with waste matter, the body fails to receive sufficient amounts of nutrients, even if the best possible food is consumed. Some nutrients leave the body with feces in an unchanged form, which leads to failure of well-balanced diets and sufficient doses of vitamins and food additives to bring the expected results. In view of this, the use of health improving diets should be combined with sufficient measures aimed at intestinal sanitation and body detoxication.

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