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The involved regulation mechanisms

The human body is an extremely complex structure consisting of numerous organs and trillions of cells. Nobody knows the causes for the general ability of such a unique biologic system to faultlessly operate in the course of decades. This ability becomes especially unexplainable if one takes into consideration numerous defects, stress, weather fluctuations, nutritional deficiencies, shortage of light, air pollution and other unfavorable factors. One of the considerable causes for this is, of course, the fact that humans have ingenious natural self-regulation mechanisms, which ensure whole-body dynamic homeostasis, normalization of functions and compensation of disorders, as well as initiation and support of curing processes. Ultimate causes of both somatic and mental disease symptoms should be searched for in the dysbalance of regulation systems.

To ensure the interactions between various organs and cells, the coordinating and regulating systems far more powerful than any computer, even the strongest one, are needed. Faultless interrelations between all organs, muscles, nerves, ligaments and skin are prerequisite for supporting the operation of these permanent coordination processes. All the coordination processes are run with significant involvement of autonomous nervous system, which is, as a rule, independent of voluntary control. In healthy status, autonomous nervous system ensures the self-regulation function supported by higher control centers located in the brain; this self-regulation system not only autonomously regulates all the vital functions of the body, but also participates in all bodily functions. Besides that, it is closely related to mental processes. Interrelation derangement and body’s inability to harmonize various regulation processes lead to symptoms (for example, pain or functional disorders), which, in some cases, are located at a significant distance from the source of disorder.

A large number of civilization diseases observed nowadays result from faults in the regulation functions of these systems. Excessive body weight, like chronic fatigue, headaches, constipation and many other conditions, is but a symptom or expression of biochemical dysbalance in the main homeostatic systems of metabolism regulation.

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