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Isledowadski Research Center

Isledowadski Center (IC), a facility organized as a private entity, is producing Dolgalet probiotics. It was established on the premises of VECTOR complex by VECTOR researches in 1993; total area of the buildings owned by Research Center is 4.000 square meters. At present, IC has 100 employees. IC owns about 60 patents for innovative products, preparations and food additives. International cooperation, projects in China, Malaysia and Thailand created the necessary background for successful consecutive development of IC.

The research work is mostly concentrated on the targeted modulation of appropriate regulation systems, mild stimulation of the immune system and normalization of metabolism and intestinal micro flora with the use of natural preparations and food additives. The researchers attach special importance to development of probiotics. This is explained by the fact that, at present, the global level of antibiotic resistance of micro organisms is more than 70%. More than one third of mankind has chronic infectious diseases whose menace for health has been gradually increasing. Necessity of using antibiotics for treatment of life-threatening inflammatory diseases remains undoubted; however, significant side effects of the standardly used antibiotics, such as damage to liver and hemopoietic organs, functional disorders of mucosal membranes and urinary tracts and allergic reactions (including anaphylactic shock), are nearly ignored. Many years of universal use of antibiotics in agriculture for accelerating the growth of animals resulted in the appearance of numerous antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, and humans assimilate them by consuming meat and milk. The essence of IC 15-year investigations carried out since its establishment has been the search for new effective preparations. The requirements for such preparations include the presence of expressed antimicrobial effect (including that in relation to antibiotic-resistant strains), inability to produce antibiotic resistance and definite ability to overcome antibiotic resistance.

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