Isledowadski Center


Research Institute for Clinical Immunology


Center for Immunotherapy and Celltechnologies


Since 1991, the company has been producing food products, food additives and pharmaceuticals. More than 120 different kinds of products are manu-factured in Biysk every day in accordance with international GMP standards. This fact makes it possible to consider Evalar as one of the most prominent Russian manufacturers in this sector at present.

Medicinal herbs for producing preparations, extracts and tinctures are cultivated on Evalarís own plantations directly in the Altai Mountains. Altai Territory has nearly escaped the destructive effects of sewage and waste gases of large concerns and plants. Due to this, the region is currently considered as an ecologically clean area. It is inhabited by about 2,000 protected plant species and more than 300 medicinal herbs. In the Altai Mountains, there are more than 20,000 watercourses and mountain rivers whose total length is approximately 62,000 km.

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