Isledowadski Center


Research Institute for Clinical Immunology


Center for Immunotherapy und Celltechnologies

Center for Immunotherapy and Celltechnologies (CICT)

This Center located in Kaliningrad is mostly export-oriented. Its activities are based on innovative methods of therapy and unique Russian biomedicine preparations, the majority of which has been developed in the well-known Novosibirsk research centers. These methods and preparations have been successfully used in the local health care facilities for several years. The Center makes it possible to overcome the great remoteness of Siberia and the informational deficiencies related to it. CICT is located at a distance of only 600 km from Berlin and forms a kind of a Eurobridge, in which the personnel knowing German and English languages is operating; the Center has accumulated the approved technologies used for treatment of Russian and foreign patients.

CICT activities are aimed at highly effective use of the well-established therapeutic methods and effective preparations of the Russian biomedicine. The Western notions of the economical and political situation in Russia often exclude the possibility to understand that the Russian science, in some fields, is occupying the leading positions in the world. In the last decades, numerous preparations have been developed and produced from stem cells and fetal tissues in Russia. The use of stem cells is not limited to research studies; for many years, these cells have been successfully transplanted.

CICT is an open facility and is ready to cooperate with all Russian clinics, institutes, scientific research centers and physicians; the Center is able to offer its effective methods for rejuvenation and for the treatment of civilization diseases. Both Russian and West European patients can equally, and without any problems, benefit from these unique therapeutic methods.

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