Isledowadski Center


Research Institute for Clinical Immunology


Center for Immunotherapy and Celltechnologies

Research Institute for Clinical Immunology

This well-known Novosibirsk scientific research center having 428 employees was established in 1981 on the basis of the Department of Immunology of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Ninety eight Candidates of Science, 16 Doctors of Science and 1 Academician are working at the Institute. In the last 25 years, the Institute researchers have defended 28 doctor and 112 candidate dissertations; they have developed, and obtained approvals for, about 100 new immunological methods for diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases. A total of 34 certificates of authorship, 27 patents and 1 certificate of scientific discovery have been issued. Results of the research work have been presented in 3,217 scientific publications.

The main fields of activities of the Institute:

  • Studies on the molecular genetic mechanisms of activation, proliferation and differentiation of immune system cells in normal conditions and in the immunopathological states; developing new methods for immune correction based on cellular biotechnologies and genetically engineered products,

  • Studies on the mechanisms of regulation of stem cells and precursor cells; development of highly effective biotechnological methods for treatment of widely spread civilization diseases,

  • Studies on molecular genetic mechanisms underlying the immune system polymorphism as a basis for development of methods for evaluating health status, individualís developmental prognosis and treatment of immunopathologic conditions.

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