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Nobody knows the nutrition that suits him or her best. Numerous dieticians give plenty recommendations, sometimes totally controversial. However, the problem of our contemporaries is clearly visible: We use mostly lifeless (i.e., heavily processed) food products. Share of natural food products in supermarkets steadily decreases, and growing fruit and vegetables in one’s own garden becomes a luxury. Such sharp changes in the quality of nutrition make the moderate use of food additives necessary and justified.

We are determined to contribute to healthy nutrition with our products. For this purpose, we are carrying out the constant search for high-quality food products in Russia and other East European countries for them to become known in Germany.

Apart from the activities in the field of food additives, we are making, through acquisition, preparation and positioning Russian innovative biomedical patents, an important contribution not only to the nutrition field, but also to the development of medical sector, as well as to the improvement of protection against the spreading of civilization diseases.

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