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Some kind of a touch-string for establishing Medicatus Holding AG five years ago was the fact that Russian products, within the sector of food additives, biomedicine and life science in particular, had been quite insufficiently represented in the German market.

For many observers, the Western notions of the existing political and economical situation in Russia, as well as the reports on the catastrophes and civil commotions that took place in nineties, became a obstacle preventing them from recognizing the fact that Russian scientists are world leaders in some fields. In the times of the USSR, nearly two million scientists in this country, nearly as many as in America and Europe taken together, worked intensively in the field of advanced technologies development. Sufficient financing had been provided not only to aviation, space industry and up-to-date military technologies, but also to research in the field of medicine. In these years, social sphere services had been free of charge. Hospitals, physicians and pharmaceutical plants had been free of competition with both domestic and foreign enterprises. In view of this, new technologies and innovations in the field of medicine had been introduced into clinical practice without delay and without the need to spend many years for getting approval: This was the Mecca for all researchers, with great advantages as compared to the West.

Notwithstanding the growing convergence of conditions between the East European and the West European countries, intellectual advantages in some fields remain quite significant. This is true, in particular, for immunology, to which much importance has been traditionally attached in Russia. Already in 1908, I. Mechnikov was awarded Nobel Premium for his works in the field of immunology. His special field of interest was bacteriology; already 100 years ago he found that the lactic acid bacteria contained in yoghurt strengthen the defensive systems of the body and counteract the pathogenic organisms in the intestine. Thus, he created the basis for developing the today’s probiotics. Use of a combination of physical and microbiologic theories has resulted in the production of unique products and drugs that cause positive effects on the body’s regulating systems; they are able to cause targeted effects on the immune system, and their use makes it possible to ensure successful protection from different civilization diseases that hitherto have been considered as incurable.

Medicatus Holding AG, in its search for patents, is focusing on the innovative biomedical preparations produced mainly in Novosibirsk; this city is famous for its scientific research institutions, and the abovementioned preparations are successfully used in the city clinics. Apart from the “Vitality” products of probiotic Dolgalet Series and other food additives, we are offering a Novosibirsk anti-tumor vaccine. This vaccine produced from murine tumor cell lines causes sensitization of the immune system with respect to many typical tumor cells. The xenovaccine developed by the Institute of Clinical Immunology is used for the treatment of skin, intestinal, pulomonary an prostatic cancers. In the clinical studies that have been carried out in the Institute for many years, clinical effect was revealed in 80% of all cases of disease; the share of survivals increased 5- to 8-fold.

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