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Box contains 100 capsules per 0.33g

Ingredients: Bacillus subtilis (not less than 100 million spores per capsule), condensed corn extract, potato starch, sugar.

Recommendations for use: 5 capsules per day. It is optimal to take the product in divided doses throughout the day. The recommended daily dose of the product should not be exceeded. The food additives should not be regarded as a replacement for well-balanced, diversified nutrition or healthy lifestyle.

Shelf life: 3 years.
Store in a dry place at room tempera-ture. Keep out of the reach of children.

Dolgalet Probiotic 3 is a food additive with the micro organisms that augment large intestine (mainly the rectum) detoxication and clearing of toxins and heavy metals, thus enabling the body to normalize the balance of water and mineral substances and to improve metabolism as a result of liver cleaning.

Probiotic soil bacteria are an integral part of balanced nutrition. Large amounts of these bacteria are contained in unprocessed fruit and vegetables. These micro organisms whose significance is frequently underestimated occupy an importance place in the nutrition system. They are the only micro organisms that are able to convert dead minerals into organic, or animate, complexes of biologically active substances. For human beings and animals to remain alive, they have to constantly assimilate "life". Use of pesticides in agriculture and excessive hygiene practices make regular use of such food additives as Dolgalet Probiotics, with their contained soil bacteria, expedient.

  per 5 capsules (1.65 g) per 100 g
Caloric value 25 kJ (5.5 kcal) 1 398 kJ (334 kcal)
Protein 0.3 g 20.0 g
Carbohydrates 1.0 g 61.0 g
Fat 0.015 g 1.1 g

Due to the form of their spores, all Bacillus subtilis micro organisms reach the intestine. In case of favorable environment, spores undergo reactivation and start to multiply. Degree of favorableness of the environment depends on pH level in the intestine: whereas Bacillus subtilis (Dolgalet 1, 2 + 3) prefers the large intestine environment, Bacillus licheniformis (Dolgalet 2+4) becomes activated, as a rule, in the small intestine. Also, probiotic efficacy depends, to a large extent, on how long the micro organisms contained in the probiotic remain in the intestine. Whereas the bacterial strains contained in the well-known probiotics (mainly lacto- and bifidobacteria) remain in the intestine for only several hours, the Dolgalet Series strains remain there for a period of up to 30 days, until self-liquidation and consecutive excretion. Thus, their effects on the body are characterized by higher intensity and stability due, at least partly, to duration of their intestinal habitation.

Dolgalet Probiotic caloric value is very low (it equals only about one calorie per capsule). The biomass with bacterial spores is bound by condensed corn extract in accordance with the Russian standard "DIN-GOST 18-005-94" and by sucrose in accordance with the standard "DIN-GOST 5833". One capsule of Dolgalet Probiotics 1 to 4 contains 0.31 g of sucrose and 0.02 g of bacterial spores. This corresponds to 0.03 bread units (1 bread unit = 12 g of carbohydrates; it increases the blood sugar level by an average of 30 mg% or 1.6 mmol/L). Diabetic patients can use the following calculation: if 10 capsules are used every day, additional daily consumption, in bread units, is 0.3. This results in the total blood sugar increment of 0.48 mmol/L. Because the blood sugar level should be, on an average, about 60 to 140 mg% (i.e., 3.3 to 7.7 mmol/L), the increase by 0.48 mmol/L can be regarded as an insignificant and allowable fluctuation. Irrespective of this fact, diabetic patients are recommended to take only one capsule on the first day in order to observe their reaction. On the second day, they should take two capsules. If the blood sugar level remains within the limits of normal, the treatment can be continued.

The potato starch added to Dolgalet probiotic in accordance with the standard "DIN-GOST 7699" forms a viscous solution, which provides the inflamed intestinal mucosa with a film cover practically impermeable for irritants. Such film covering of the mucosal membranes decreases the absorption of toxic substances in the intestine and accelerates the excretion of foreign substances (i.e., radionuclides, heavy metals, etc.). Also, the starch causes a decrease in the blood cholesterol level. This is explained by accelerated synthesis of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) due to large intestine bacteria in the presence of the starch and, accordingly, the accelerated cholesterol conversion into fatty acids. In addition, the starch inhibits the progression of hyperglycemia (i.e., the progression of diabetes), because it slowly releases glucose on the one hand and accelerates insulin synthesis on the other hand.

In general, side effects are absent; this is also true for cases of overdosage. In an extremely rare case of allergy to Bacillus subtilis, the intake of Dolgalet preparation should be stopped. Allergy presents in the form of rash, which resolves spontaneously within several days of treatment discontinuation. Also, the treatment should be discontinued, if simultaneous use of antibiotics is needed, because antibiotic treatment can involve both pathogens and the beneficent strains of Dolgalet. After finishing the antibiotic treatment, the use of Dolgalet for health-improving purpose becomes still more expedient, because it is needed for immediate restoration of damaged intestinal flora.

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